DVD Unlimited Launched

Synergy Technology Engineering is excited to announce the launch of New Zealand's first online dvd subscription service.

Synergy Technology Engineering had been working on the concept for a number of months, carrying out research and systems design of all aspects of the online business.

"Considerable thought had to be put into the systems design, so we could handle the share volume of orders and returns. We had a good head start in this area due to our knowledge gained from the development of Waretech.", said Synergy Technology Engineering's managing director Rodney Alison.

The work previously completed on warehouse optimisation and distribution was extensively drawn on. Algorithms where borrowed from the optimised picking and dispatch systems used in Waretech. "After providing IT to TOLL for over 6 years, you do learn a thing or two about large scale warehouse and distribution systems", said Rodney Alison.

DVDUnLtd's technology provided a number of benefits over existing solutions available from overseas. Anticipating the entry of technologies already available from overseas, DVD Unlimited has a significant advantage to very quickly adapt or change any aspect of the solution.

"Unfortunately the New Zealand climate does not always allow the typical 'one solution fits all' approach. The geography, technology uptake, restrictive broad band situation, and even the postal system, all differ greatly from other countries.", said Rodney Alison. "It was these considerable differences that brought about the need for a specific solution for New Zealand."

A policy of considering all suggestions and implementing and making the changes members request is also a key advantage of the solution. "You have to remember it is actually the members site, so it makes sense we listen carefully to how they want to use it", said Alison.

Other aspects of the solution included the public website and content management systems.

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